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tlbukou letters unscrambled (bklotuu)

7 letter words you can make with tlbukou

4 letter words you can make with tlbukou

    • an act that brings discredit to the person who does it
    • a blemish made by dirt
    • make a spot or mark onto
    • dry (ink) with blotting paper
    • a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder
    • the act of moving with great haste
    • in a rigid manner
    • the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key
    • run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
    • leave suddenly and as if in a hurry
    • directly
    • eat hastily without proper chewing
    • a roll of cloth or wallpaper of a definite length
    • a screw that screws into a nut to form a fastener
    • a sliding bar in a breech-loading firearm that ejects an empty cartridge and replaces it and closes the breech
    • a sudden abandonment (as from a political party)
    • make or roll into bolts
    • move or jump suddenly
    • secure or lock with a bolt
    • swallow hastily
    • an occasion for excessive eating or drinking
    • (sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive
    • a contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)
    • a period of illness
    • the property of something that is great in magnitude
    • cause to bulge or swell outwards
    • the property resulting from being or relating to the greater in number of two parts; the main part
    • stick out or up
    • the property possessed by a large mass
    • an awkward stupid person
    • aromatic yellowish brown balsam from the tolu balsam tree used especially in cough syrups

3 letter words you can make with tlbukou

    • botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human
    • and nothing more
    • an orange-brown antelope of southeast Africa
    • an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc
    • propel in a high arc
    • the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc.) in a high arc
    • an unofficial association of people or groups
    • anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random
    • (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
    • any collection in its entirety
    • your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)
    • administer or bestow, as in small portions
    • a parcel of land having fixed boundaries
    • divide into lots, as of land, for example
    • (Old Testament) nephew of Abraham; God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah but chose to spare Lot and his family who were told to flee without looking back at the destruction
    • from one's possession
    • knocked unconscious by a heavy blow
    • to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality
    • be made known; be disclosed or revealed
    • excluded from use or mention
    • being out or having grown cold
    • (baseball) a failure by a batter or runner to reach a base safely in baseball
    • directed outward or serving to direct something outward
    • no longer fashionable
    • not allowed to continue to bat or run
    • not worth considering as a possibility
    • outer or outlying
    • out of power; especially having been unsuccessful in an election
    • outside or external
    • reveal (something) about somebody's identity or lifestyle
    • a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body
    • the amount that a tub will hold
    • a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids

2 letter words you can make with tlbukou

    • The preposition to primarily indicates approach and arrival, motion made in the direction of a place or thing and attaining it, access; and also, motion or tendency without arrival; movement toward.
    • the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England; it is the same everywhere
    • a state in the western United States; settled in 1847 by Mormons led by Brigham Young
    • the syllable naming the first (tonic) note of any major scale in solmization

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